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The Employee Free Choice Act

U.S. Senate: S. 1925    U.S. House:  H.R. 3619

This act was introduced by U.S. Senator Edward Kennedy and is highly important to labor.

This act provides for stronger penalties against employers that interfere with employees as they attempt to organize. This act also provides for certification of a union as the bargaining representative if the NLRB finds that a majority of employees in an appropriate unit has signed authorizations designating the union as its bargaining representative. Furthermore, provides that if and employer and a union are engaged in bargaining for their first contract and are unable to reach agreement within 90 days, either party may refer the dispute to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service for mediation. If the FMCS has been unable to bring the parties to agreement after 30 days of mediation the dispute will be referred to arbitration and the results of the arbitration shall be binding on the parties for two years.

Dear Working Families e-Activist:

Your voice on overtime pay and other issues could be cut off if proposed rules become law. To help stifle criticism of President George W. Bush's policies during an election year, the Republican National Committee is pressing the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to issue new rules that would shut down unions and other groups that dare to communicate with the public in any way critical of President Bush. Act now by clicking on the link below or keep reading for more information.

The FEC now is proposing to redefine and broaden the scope of political organization definitions. For example, any union, group, corporation, advocacy group, charity or nonfederal "527" political organization that spends money on issue advocacy and nonpartisan voter outreach and says anything that might lead the FEC to conclude that the purpose is to influence the election could fall under these new regulations.

This is an outrageous assault on your free speech because under these new rules, the AFL-CIO and our unions would have to stop our campaign work on overtime pay, good jobs, health care and other issues. What happens if Bush finalizes the overtime pay take-away? We all need to be able to talk about the issues most important to our families wherever and whenever we can.

The FEC is accepting written comments about these regulations before the close of business this Friday, April 9. Please take one minute right now to submit your comment by clicking on the link below.

After you act, please ask your friends, family and co-workers to get involved by clicking on the link below.


Local #676


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