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Howard W. Wells

 President & Principal Officer

3 years Business Agent, 12 year Shop Steward @ UPS, Chairman of the Teamsters Local #676 Annuity & Vacation Fund, Director for the Pennsylvania Conference of Teamsters and Trustee of Teamsters Joint Council #53.

Howard is a 24 year Teamster who is a member of the UPS and NMFA negotiating committees and grievance panels.

A Message from the President of Local #676

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Retirees and Guests,

Welcome to our "home" on the internet. We are beginning a new era in the history of our Local. Local #676 has been representing the working men and women of the Delaware Valley since 1957.

This presence on the web is another tool for all of you to use. We are starting with the skeleton and the heart and want the members to create the balance through their suggestions and requests.

Let us know what you would like to find here. We want this to be the first place you look for answers about your job and your Union benefits. Save us in your Favorite Places list.

Please email all comments and suggestions to:


Howard W. Wells

President & Principal Officer
Local 676

Local #676


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