International Brotherhood of Teamsters


Scholarship Class of 2012

Monica Kain
Daughter of
Vincent Kain - Gallo Wine

Victoria Whitby
Daughter of
Edward Whitby - UPS

Danielle Barger
Daughter of
Lisa Barger - UPS

Tyler Clark
Son of
Melvin Clark - UPS

James Hegeman Jr.
Son of
James Hegeman Sr. - Patco

Angela Zaine
Daughter of
John Zaine - UPS

Geena Simila
Daughter of
Nicholas Simila - UPS

Michael Moscariello
Son of
Joe Moscariello - Patco

Angela Anconetani
Daughter of
Andrew Anconetani - Allied Bev

Tammy Doyle
Daughter of
Michael Doyle - South States Const.

Brianna Shook
Daughter of Eric Shook - UPS

Larry Ballard
Son of
Raymond Jackson - UPS Freight

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